Name: Alexi Seraphiem

Age: Unknown, most likely around 20

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Talent: Unknown, probably an untalent



History/Background Edit

Alexi is the adopted son of Michael & Marissa Seraphim. Thus he is the adopted half-brother of Rushton Seraphim and adopted brother of Dr Seraphim. Edit

Role in the Series Edit

*Book1 Spoilers alert*

In the first book, Obernewtyn, Alexi, is essentially running Obernewtyn. He is using the Zebrakahn Machine, to try and increase misfits powers in order to discover the clues and map to some unknown secret Marissa Seraphim left behind. Towards the end of the book we discover that the maps and clues lead to the very machines that caused the Great White. He is then killed by Rushton at the end of the first book.