Profile Edit

Name: Ruston Seraphim

Age: Around 19 in Obernewtyn

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Talent: Has the unique ability to host a mind merge, in other words to let a bunch of other minds all combine together inside of his mind.

Appearance: Tall, dark-haired and has jade-green eyes.


Obernewtyn Edit

Rushton is first mentioned by Enoch, the coachman while delivering Elspeth to Obernewtyn

Elspeth sees Rushton again only a few days later. Elspeth is in a hallway comforting a terrified Selmar when Rushton appears and calms her and gently raises her to her feet. He then dismisses Elspeth and gives her directions to Ariel whom she was previously trying to find.

After this meeting Elspeth is moved from her work in the kitchens to the farms where she is to assist Rushton on the farms, to prepare for winter. Rushton discovers that Elspeth is good working with animals and so assigns her to various tasks involving them.

Rushton later acts as an anchor point for a group of misfits to save Elspeth from the beforetime weaponmachine, although he does not know who it is he is saving.

In the end of Obernewtyn Elspeth's escape attempt is aided by Rushton and Elspeth begins to like him, leading her to save him. Rushton later turns out to be the true inheritor of Obernewtyn and starts the process of making it a refuge for misfits.

The Farseekers. Edit

In The Farseekers Rushton has transformed Obernewtyn into a haven for misfits and has organised guilds consisting of misfits of each power while he himself is the overseer of Obernewtyn.

Notable QuotesEdit

'I could see that he was not a full-grown man at all but a well built youth of about nineteen." Elspeth pg. 85 Obernewtyn